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Gift ideas for a minimalist man

October 25, 2014
Gift ideas for a minimalist man
Gift ideas for a minimalist man by nyssapod 

My husband is quite a difficult person to buy gifts for. He is a minimalist, and sometimes his first reaction to receiving a gift is to wonder how it will fit into his life.
So I thought I would share my ideas for gifts for a minimalist man, just in case any of you would find this helpful. These are all presents that would be suitable to give to a woman too – and I would be happy to receive any of these items myself.
This game looks great fun, and more portable than Scrabble. We already love the Fruitonimos game made by the same company.
I bought one of these for my husband’s birthday and it was a big hit (see blogpost for more details).
Coffee is always a good bet! This is fairtrade and a special blend for Christmas. We have a low-tech approach to making coffee in this house – using filter papers in a ceramic cone rather than capsules.
Lush stuff is life-enhancing as far as I am concerned! The ‘Whoop Whoop!’ gift box full of bath treats looks fab and is reusable and recyclable. Cosmetic Lad is a classic moisturiser.

This iphone amplifier is made out of bamboo and doesn’t need batteries. It’s also fairtrade.

These packing cubes are great for keeping small items like socks separate in a travel bag. They are also very light so don’t add much weight.

Disclosure: I received a free set of Bananagrams in a goody bag at BlogOnMOSI in May. All words and opinions expressed are my own.

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