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Me-time TV

March 23, 2014

I love watching ‘Kate Morag’ with my son

But I prefer to watch ‘Doctor Who’ on my own

In the years that British people have been watching TV, our viewing habits and the programmes we love have changed dramatically. TalkTalk surveyed the nation to discover how we’re watching TV today. They’ve identified eight ‘TV Tribes’, each with their distinct TV viewing style.

I tried the quiz at to find out which TV tribe I belonged to and here are the results – I am a ‘Me-timer’

T h e ‘ M e – t i m e r ‘
I like to watch TV on my own with no disturbances; I hate it when people interrupt. I download and binge on boxsets. I love watching TV in a separate room for a bit of peace and quiet. I often watch TV on a laptop or tablet with my headphones on and love to get stuck into a good TV drama, watching episodes back to back. I never miss an episode of my favourite shows.

34% of people belong to this TV Tribe

This is definitely how I prefer to watch TV, especially when it comes to my favourite programmes like Doctor Who. I wait until after my son has gone to bed before I settle down to watch a new episode, because this means I can immerse myself totally in enjoying the drama, without any interruptions. I do not surf the web or tweet as I watch. But I often check online later in the evening to see what people thought of the latest episode.

I’m not alway a ‘Me-timer’ though. There are TV programmes I really enjoy watching with my son. Our current favourite is Katie Morag, which is on CBeebies at 5.25 on Sunday evening. It is our family’s perfect TV moment as we snuggle up together on the sofa and watch the adventures of a little red-haired girl who lives on the fictional Isle of Struay. The stories are filmed on The Western Isles, and the scenery is idyllic, and the sun is always shining. It makes me want to go on holiday there.

Here is a short video of me talking about being a ‘Me-timer’ and why I enjoy watching Katie Morag.

What about you? Are you a ‘me-timer’ too or do you belong to one of the other TV tribes? Try the quiz yourself at

This blog post is my entry to a competition on the Tots100 website -‘Share your TV moments and win a TV package worth £600‘.

Update: I’ve found out that I won the competition!


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