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Minibreak Mummy loves: my Mia Tui handbag

April 25, 2012

I think I’ve finally found the perfect handbag! It is a ‘Grace’ bag by Mia Tui.

When it arrived I opened up the parcel and gasped at how gorgeous this Mia Tui Grace bag is. I love the shape of it and the quality of the leather and the stitching detail. It is a proper grown-up bag which looks really smart and I love using it. It was great at BlogCampUK on Saturday and looks impressive  enough for a job interview or any other occasion when you want to feel confident and presentable.

Mia Tui leather Grace handbag

As well as looking lovely, it is also extremely practical. It is comfortable to carry – I use it cross-body style like a messenger bag. You can also take a section out of the shoulder strap to carry the bag tucked under your arm, but that wouldn’t suit me quite as well.

There a lots of compartments inside for all my stuff. It is like the Tardis on Doctor Who – it seems bigger on the inside than the outside! I also love the little leather clutch bag that fits into one of the side compartments. This clutch bag is nice enough to be used on its own for an evening out.

Inside the MiaTui Grace bag there are lots of compartments

I can keep my keys on a clip which is attached to the inside of the bag by a piece of elastic that is long enough for me to unlock doors without having to unhook the keys.

There is also a compartment for my water bottle.

The bright pink lining fabric is waterproof. The lining even turned out to be banana-proof when a banana got accidentally squashed in the bottom of the bag. The leather looks pretty hardwearing too. My bag has been rained on several times this week and it still looks brand new.

The contents of my handbag

The photo above shows everything that was in my handbag today laid out on the floor. This includes:

  • Business card holder
  • Work ID card
  • The leather clutch bag which comes with the Grace bag (shown with hand cream, lip salve, comb and pens on top)
  • Striped purse from Muji
  • Zipped purse with stars on it
  • Notebook from Paperchase
  • Sunglasses from a charity shop (a previous Magpie Monday find)
  • my ‘emergency cross stitch kit
  • iPhone
  • Keys
  • my fabulous Filofax
  • some handouts from BlogCamp
  • sachet of Lemsip, satsuma, chewing gum
  • umbrella
  • water bottle from Muji
  • my Kindle and Kindle case from TimBuk2

This bag is even big enough to hold my 11″ MacBook Air!

I’m also pleased to read that Charlotte, who created Mia Tui, has ensured that the people who make the bags have good working conditions. On the ‘About us‘ page she says:

We’re very proud that our people come before anything else. After all that’s where quality starts, in the hands of our craftsmen and women. 

So are there any downsides to this bag? Well I haven’t found one so far. I suppose there is a slight risk you could put too much stuff in the bag and then it might become quite heavy to carry…

If you prefer vegan bags, there are also Grace bags made of faux-leather in a range of lovely colours and these cost £45. My sister Lucy has a Grace Pewter bag which suits her very well indeed.

Disclosure: I bought this handbag myself and did not receive any payment for writing this review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

[Edited April 2015 to update links and price information.]

7 Comments leave one →
  1. April 26, 2012 8:56 am

    I’ve been after a new handbag – but can my budget stretch? This bag looks excellent though. I’m very tempted indeed. Very impressed with how much you stashed away.

  2. April 26, 2012 9:15 am

    PS. I have just bought the brown leather bag. I just couldnt resist, and your review was excellent.

    • April 26, 2012 9:22 am

      I’m so pleased that you’ve bought one of these wonderful bags – I hope you like it as much as I do!

  3. April 27, 2012 7:08 pm

    Excellent review! I love how you explained what was in your bag too, and could fit in too. I think you can fit way more than I can in my satchel!
    *closes eyes and presses post comment*

    • April 28, 2012 5:12 pm

      Hi Amanda!
      Thank you so much for your enthusiastic comment – I really appreciate hearing from you after all the trouble you’ve had trying to leave comments on my blog recently.
      Your satchel is lovely and really suits you. Of course you could always treat yourself to a Mia Tui bag as well should you ever require more capacity 😉
      love and hugs,
      Ruth x


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