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Two soundtrack songs

February 14, 2012

I have what I call ‘soundtrack songs’ that remind me of particular times in my life. These songs usually make me feel good when I hear them again. Here are two examples so that you can see what I mean.

Go West by the Pet Shop Boys was playing on the radio when I received the letter telling me I had got my first proper job. The job was in Liverpool, which was west of where I was living at the time. So I danced around house waving the letter and singing the song about going west to a better life. And anytime I hear this song now it reminds me of the optimism I felt on that day, and how far I’ve come in my career.

And back in summer 2008, when I was heavily pregnant, I saw Elbow performing One Day Like This at Glastonbury as part of the tv coverage. I watched the same clip over and over and swayed to the music and felt full of joy that I would soon be meeting my baby. I also loved the fact that this was included in a medley of songs ‘sung’ by cartoon characters for Children in Need.

Here are YouTube clips of both songs:



So those are two of my soundtrack songs. This post was partly inspired by Liz from margotandbarbara who wrote about the fact she has a theme tune. Here is what she says about it

That’s right. I have a theme tune. It’s not my favourite song ever made – I’m not sure that I have a favourite. It is, however, the song that I choose when I want to pull myself together and get myself off the sofa. It’s the one that will be on the soundtrack of  the film of my life story… I recommend a theme tune. It never fails to get me in a better frame of mind, more upbeat and positive.

I don’t have a theme tune, but I am starting to consider whether I should choose one. Maybe it will be one of the two songs mentioned in this post, or maybe it will be something else entirely…

Do you have a theme tune or soundtrack songs?

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  1. February 14, 2012 8:10 pm

    I also recall Ally Mcbeal had a ‘theme tune’ x

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