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Flashback Friday – Ultra Small Being

December 23, 2011

Exactly four years ago today we saw an image of a tiny creature on the ultrasound screen, only a few milimetres long but already with beating heart.

It was such a relief to see that the pregnancy was not an ectopic one that it almost seemed worth the severe abdominal pain that had woken my up in the early hours of the morning – and led to me being booked in for an emergency scan at the Early Pregnancy Unit just before Christmas.

My husband H decided there and then that the tiny being on the screen should be called the ‘Ultra Small Being’ or ‘USB’ for short.

I don’t have a copy of that first scan, but I did get a printed copy of the image from the dating scan six weeks later. This is it.

Ultrasound scan image of the Unborn Small Being

And of course as the pregnancy went on our ‘USB’ got bigger and bigger so we updated the acronym to mean ‘Unborn Small Being’. And when our son was born in August 2008 we named him Aled.

This post was inspired by Flashback Friday at Cafe Bebe.

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