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December to do list

December 6, 2011

I’m joining in with this challenge set by Rhiannon, who blogs at A Hell Of A Woman. Part of this challenge is to make some impact on my list of things I’ve been putting off doing. I have been very impressed with Rhiannon’s progress on tackling her to do list, and we are also following the efforts of Claire at Chapters of Claire and Tamsin at Made by Tamsin. (The other part of the challenge I’m signed up for is to watch the first 12 episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer – see 12 days of Buffy)

So here is my to do list for the first 12 days of December:

To do list for December

  • Write a will (appointment with solicitor on Thursday)
  • Sign up for leisure club membership so that I can go swimming in my lunch hour (I let membership lapse when I broke my arm in January this year)
  • Declutter and tidy my bedroom
    • clear floor so that can open wardrobe doors (nearly finished this on Sunday!)
    • clothes – clear out stuff that no longer fits
    • dressing table – make usable instead of piled high with stuff
    • magazines – freecycle
  • Learn a sequence of yoga poses that I can do at home
  • Finish Christmas shopping, including awkward-to-buy-for menfolk
  • Find new home for cot-bed now that Aled has outgrown it
  • Get haircut (appointment with hairdresser booked for Saturday)
  • Sort out kitchen (which currently has booby-trapped cupboards such that things fall out when I open the doors)
  • Arrange where we’re going to be when over the Christmas period (fraught!)
  • Write the blogposts I’ve promised other people I’ll write
    • Mamta’s Kitchen class
    • The Valley
    • ‘Are We Nearly There Yet’ by Ben Hatch
    • Give as you Live

So thank you Rhiannon for giving me the kick up the backside required to get me moving! I’m hoping this lot will be achievable in the time allowed. It would certainly help to clear the decks and get ready for Christmas. Watch out for an update on Tuesday next week…


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