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Five things about me

November 1, 2011

This meme and the list of ‘five things about me’ both came from my friend Kavita (who now blogs at Kavey Eats)

Kate Bush
My Kate Bush obsession started when I was about 14. I read ‘Wuthering Heights’ and had a vague recollection of a mad woman waving her arms around. So I rifled through my dad’s record collection and found ‘The Kick Inside’ and was hooked from there on in. I played so much Kate Bush music in my teens that it brainwashed my younger sisters, especially Hannah, into getting hooked as well.

Kate Bush music is life-enhancing, as far as I am concerned. Apart from anything else, it was good to hear songs that made it sound as though sex was enjoyable! Especially back in the 1980s when everything else I heard about sex was doom-laden (AIDS, teenage pregnancy, etc.).

Doctor Who
My Doctor Who obsession started even earlier than my Kate Bush obsession. I started by hiding on the stairs when I was a kid then became a total anorak by about 1980-81. There were no videos back then so I read all the novelisations (was quite disappointed to see some of the 60s and early 70s stories on screen when they did become available on video as you could see the seams on the monsters and the padding in the scripts). I still love many of the adventures from the Tom Baker and Peter Davison eras to this day and I am hooked on the modern version too (despite its flaws).

I am trying to wean myself off magazines. Again. Partly because of the expense and partly because they clutter the place up. But I don’t think I’ll ever do without them completely. I love reading short, undemanding articles in womens mags such as ‘Good Housekeeping’, ‘Easy Living’ and ‘Red’. I love finding out more about Doctor Who and getting new ideas for cross stitching and recipes. Magazines are especially good on train journeys as they don’t take up as much room as newspapers but are easier to read in short bursts than books. They are also easier to leave on trains than books are, and are less likely to induce travel sickness.

One way of reducing the number of magazines coming into the house is the Zinio ‘electronic newstand’. My subscription to ‘Mollie Makes’ is on Zinio. This means I don’t get the free craft kits that come with the paper magazine, but that is not a problem as I probably wouldn’t have time to use them all anyway.

Cross stitch
When I first saw folks cross-stitching on one of the group holidays I didn’t get it at all. But then a woman from a local needlecraft shop sold me a £1 kit with a sunflower design. She said if I didn’t like it I would only have wasted a £1. Anyway I really enjoyed stitching the sunflower – I still have it in a frame at home. Since then I have spent considerably more than £1 on kits, charts, threads, fabrics, books, frames, scissors, storage, travel cases, etc. But I have got a lot of pleasure out of stitching things for myself and other people. Mustn’t buy any more for a bit though – at this rate I have enough kits for the next 10 years at least.

I still miss my PalmOne Treo. I used it (and earlier models) as an ebook reader, diary, phone, thread database, web browser, e-mail and newsreader, etc. The Blackberry I replaced it with was just not as much fun.

Me using my PalmOne Treo in 2003

I’m now completely hooked on my iPhone 4. Favourite apps include Kindle, Audioboo (though I listen more than I boo these days), Echofon, Flickr, Zinio, WordPress, Amazon, LOVEFiLM, IMDb, WhoNews, Train Times, Goodreads, Empire, Evernote, RedLaser, and there is finally a Thread Tracker app. The WeightWatchers app helped me to lose my baby weight. And most of the photos on this blog were taken on my iPhone (it may not be the perfect camera but I always have with me).

This post is an edited and updated version of a post originally written for LiveJournal.

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  1. November 1, 2011 9:58 pm

    I still hate ‘Wow’ just as much as you thought I would!

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