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Listography – top 5 toys

October 30, 2011

Kate Takes 5 is doing a special listography this week. She is asking parent bloggers to nominate their top 5 toys, and will compile a top 10 list of all our top 5s.

In the Minibreak Mummy household, our top five toys of all time are:

Playmobil family camper

Duplo Woody from Toy Story

Mini Micro scooter

Wheely Bug

Thomas and Friends Take-n-Play set


I’ve always loved Playmobil ever since my mum got me a hospital ‘playpeople’ set from Mothercare in the 1970s. I particularly like the Playmobil Family Camper*, as it is the closest thing to a dolls house we have!

Lego Duplo

Amazing stuff. We like building towers and castles, plus there are lovely ‘Toy Story’ and ‘Cars’ sets.

Mini Micro scooter

A recent purchase this. Easy to steer by leaning. Much, much better than the scooter I had when I was a child.


Again very easy to steer and get around on. We’ve had this Wheelybug Ladybird* for a couple of years now and it still gets lots of use.

Thomas and Friends Take-n-Play sets

I’ve already written about one of these playsets being the best travel toy ever. We never go anywhere without a toy train or three and this range provides a very portable way of having lots of combinations of trains and track to play with.

Disclosure: this post contains Amazon affiliate links, indicated with a ‘*’


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  1. October 31, 2011 12:45 pm

    All good choices. Have added your votes – thanks!

    • October 31, 2011 2:56 pm

      Thanks Kate.

      Very pleased to be able to join in. Was worried this linky might be closed before I got my act together.

      Looking forward to seeing your top 10 when it is compiled.


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