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National Space Centre, Leicester

July 23, 2011

On Sunday 3rd July we took Aled on his first trip to the National Space Centre, which is in Leicester. We were meeting up with some friends and their daughters, so Aled had other small beings to run around with. And run around they did. The layout includes lots of scope for clambering on space rocket pods and running through a space station section. Aled was particularly impressed with the rockets, even though he’d initially been disappointed when we told him that he wouldn’t be able to fly on one.

One of my favorite bits was the ‘We are astronomers‘ film in the Space Theatre. I did a physics degree and have always had an interest in space and time and stuff. Aled wasn’t quite so keen, because the theatre was dark and the screen was huge (and probably rather overwhelming for a small child who has never even been to a normal cinema before). But he sat quiet and still on my lap, so it probably gave him a bit of a chance to rest in between all the running around.

The film was narrated by David Tennant, which was a bonus. In fact there was a bit of a Doctor Who theme on this occasion because there was a special Doctor Who event for charity that day. For me this included a dramatic visit to the ‘UNIT Lab’, which was invaded by a series of monsters before K9 arrived to save the day. I didn’t take Aled along to this because he would have been terrified. He even hid behind me when a full-sized dalek trundled past. But he still wanted me to buy him a set of toy dalek drones.

So it was a very enjoyable day and we’ll be using our annual passes to go back again.

K9 arrives to save the day!

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