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Gro Anywhere Blind

July 14, 2011

This portable blackout blind is a product that really works, especially at this time of year when we really do not want to be woken at the crack of dawn. We take the Gro Anywhere Blind with us anytime we stay away from home. It stays in the car between trips so we don’t forget to take it with us. We took it to Bristol with us at the weekend and used it at our friends’ house and in the Premier Inn. The bonkers boy slept until 8.15 am!

The Gro Anywhere Blind in its case

The Gro Anywhere Blind attached to a sash window

It is very easy to use. It fits most windows and you attach it to the glass using suction cups. I find this version of the blind easier to use than the original version (the Baa Baa Blackout Blind) because with the old version you had to attach the suction cups every time you used it, and this was a bit fiddly and I’m sure we’ve lost one or two. But we still use the Baa Baa blind when we have a second window to cover. This is because my husband is just as bad at sleeping beyond the dawn as my son is.

Are there any items you always take with you when you travel?


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