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Sun protection – Ultrasun

June 29, 2011

I have very pale skin and can even get sunburn popping out at lunchtime to get a sandwich. And as a responsible parent I also want to protect my son from the sun. This means I need a good suncream to protect our skin. (Of course this is in addition to wearing hats, and avoiding being outside when the sun is at its fiercest).

It has been a real challenge finding the perfect suncream. Lots of creams I’ve tried in the past have been really gloopy and sat on my skin. I’ve even had suncream sliding into my eyes. It got to the point where I had quite a collection of virtually full bottles of both adult and baby/child suncreams and still hadn’t found anything that suited me. I continued to use ordinary facial moisturizing cream with factor 15 sunscreen rather than apply yucky stuff to my face, but factor 15 wasn’t enough prevent a sunburnt nose!

So I started reading lots of reviews, and finally I found the perfect suncream on the Ocado website. The brand is called Ultrasun and the products are free from perfume, emulsifiers and preservatives. The cream doesn’t sink in instantly but after a few minutes it is fully absorbed into my skin and has a nicely moisturising effect. There is a slight whiteness to it, but it’s not too bad. The scent is quite subtle and not unpleasant. I particularly like the face cream.

We still have a bit of a tussle to get suncream on the bonkers boy, but at least we can use cream from the same bottle for him and for me.



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